Aqua Marina

Drop stitch light

Quality construction, portable packing and affordable solution for your iSUP.

  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2. Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  3. First PVC rail layer
  4. Second PVC rail layer
  5. EVA footpad

Isup technology

Double chamber

The heat-welded separate chambers provide ultra stiffness and ensures extra safety for long journey exploration.

Ultra stiff

Extra safe

High frequency

We use HF (High Frequency) Welding Technology to bond PVC layers together using electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field that releases energy in the form of heat to make the PVC fabrics melt and bond to one another. HF Welding can create very robust and hermetic seals for incredible airtightness without being harmful to the environment.

Heat fusion

Aqua Marina’s new inflatable Heat Fusion Technology uses a special heat welding process to join two separate pieces of reinforced PVC into a single solid unit.

The welding technology not only creates stronger and longer lasting products for our customers, but a better environment for planet Earth.